Songwriter's Row is a resource and showcase for songwriters. We have monthly contests with cash prizes where members can submit songs for free. The daily video feed pulls videos of interest to songwriters for learning more about the craft and getting inspired. We're just getting started so why not help make this the kind of place YOU would like to see serving songwriters and fans of songwriters like you.

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SongFight! is a website where songwriters are given a song title with sometimes an optional challenge and the task is to write and record a song by a given deadline -- usually 1-2 weeks. There are no prizes; just a small, but active community (with a message board) willing to give frank feedback. There are side fights with different rules and cover events where songfighters cover other songfighters or popular artists. http://songfight.org
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Those People

from bf baker

This started out with me working on samples made available on tapegerm.com from a project of samples from an old 4-track cassette recording I made with Gregg Allen around 1985. I think I'm going to take Tapegerm back in the direction is was first started -- as an experimental repurposing of sounds from old cassette albums. I started with this one: http://tapegerm.com/home/projects/24/tapegerm-the-sunrise-lester-bryan-baker-gregg-allen-1985. I brought guitar and sax samples from the...

Get Started With Songwriters Row

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Get Started With Songwriters Row
To get started at Songwritersrow.com, you may begin with a free listing which gives you 1 song upload and 1 youtube video post. Please feel free to introduce yourself in your profile description and upload a song and/or video.  When you're ready to fully participate in the Songwritersrow.com community including eligibility to submit songs to monthly contests, just go to your account settings and subscribe to one of the membership tiers. Tier 1 Membership, $9/monthTier 1 membership gives...
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