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Welcome to Songwriters Row

By: songwritersrow
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Welcome to Songwriters Row

Songwriters Row is a rich media website portfolio for professional songwriters serious about presenting their work to industry prospects as well as fans of great songwriting. 

You can get started with a free listing to try it out. You get 3 public songs, 1 youtube video connection and one introductory post.

When you want more just move up to any of our professional tiers where every songwriter gets access to all of the Songwriters Row rich media tools: streaming audio, youtube connection, blogs, photo gallery, events calendar, private songwriter's forum access, your own dedicated fan forum, eCommerce, file access, chat, etc. Start at the first tier and move up as you go:

Tier 1 200 MB - $9/mo

Tier 2 1GB - $16/mo

Tier 3 2GB - $29/mo

Simply create a free profile to get started and upgrade whenever you're ready. See Bryan Baker's profile for an example profile.


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