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Welcome to my Songwriters Row profile. What you'll find is a kind of sketchpad for my song-oriented work. I blog about songs and other music in the works, pulling versions of audio, youtube, files and photos and work progresses.

About Me

I am probably best known as the editor/publisher of GAJOOB Magazine, a champion of independent recording artists. I publish a number of music websites beside, including, ,, and, and Tapegerm Collective, an experimental music artists collaboration network. A vlog covering music-related topics can be found at I programmed and hosted Cassette Culture Shock, a radio show on KRCL in Salt Lake City. I release recordings as Blind Mime Ensemble and Baby Fred (with Joe Maki).

I'd like to find new collaborators, encourage musicians to play and record my songs, and to book some informal house concerts. Let me know if you're interested in any of these things!