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Welcome to my Songwriters Row profile. What you'll find is a kind of sketchpad for my song-oriented work. I blog about songs and other music in the works, pulling versions of audio, youtube, files and photos and work progresses.

About Me

I am probably best known as the editor/publisher of GAJOOB Magazine, a champion of independent recording artists. I publish a number of music websites beside, including, ,, and, and Tapegerm Collective, an experimental music artists collaboration network. A vlog covering music-related topics can be found at I programmed and hosted Cassette Culture Shock, a radio show on KRCL in Salt Lake City. I release recordings as Blind Mime Ensemble and Baby Fred (with Joe Maki).

I'd like to find new collaborators, encourage musicians to play and record my songs, and to book some informal house concerts. Let me know if you're interested in any of these things!

Those People

By: songwritersrow
Posted in: Works In Progress

gregg150.jpgThis started out with me working on samples made available on from a project of samples from an old 4-track cassette recording I made with Gregg Allen around 1985. I think I'm going to take Tapegerm back in the direction is was first started -- as an experimental repurposing of sounds from old cassette albums. I started with this one:

I brought guitar and sax samples from the recording into Logic Pro's Alchemy sampler and began playing with the sounds. This is actually my first attempt and sampling. Very odd for someone with thirty-plus years of recording under him.

I landed on one of the sax samples (sample 1) and manipulated the heck out of it in Alchemy's robust sound editor, ultimately using it to create the foundation of the track with a couple simple chord progressions which I'm seeing as verse and chorus.

IMG_4312.JPGAs I've been living with this track for a couple months, I'm thinking of doing a reading on top of the verse. Maybe slam poetry or something. I hesitate to call it rap or hiphop. I began playing around with this idea one morning while walking beethoven.

And then one morning while doing my usual rabbiting around BBOland I tried a little experiment with Twittering "Those People" and come up with this:

Where are those people when it’s time to speak up? Time to wake up.
Those people who did you wrong made you strong
I envy those people who put their heads on a pillow and fall asleep right away.
Those people have no idea how lucky they are.
Those people tell me I can’t just get another kitten every time I’m sad
They don’t care if they are hurt as long as ‘those people’ are hurt too
Those people have pixelated genitals
Wish I wasn’t one of those people that needs constant validation to feel happy
Those people leave high school but never really leave high school
Those people get free stuff and travel the world on instagram and YouTube
I hate that I hate that I hate those people
Those people are undereducated, voting segregated
Those people are hungry, sick and desperate
Those people rose from the ashes of right wing anger and lies
Those people can suck it down sideways

I'm not sure if these are entirely useful. Needs a lot of finessing I'm thinking. Twitter sometimes yields interesting results if I'm looking for a jump outside my perspective. My song The Best Advice is full of advice from the Twitterverse.


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